Having A Sort Out Before Christmas? Do It The Easy Way!

If your home is anything like mine, it will have drawers and cupboards bursting at the seams with tat and unwanted items. Items that you think you may use in the future but haven’t quite got round to using yet. Things you’ve maybe inherited that you may think will have a use some day. Well why not take a good look at it now and sort through it once and for all and clear yourself some space before Christmas.

Get the family involved; after all some of it will be theirs and you are really going to need some help.


Arm yourself with a supply of large boxes and bin liners to make the sorting easy. Go through each drawer or cupboard one at a time, then the whole house doesn’t look like one chaotic mess. As you look through your possessions decide whether you are going to keep the item, give it away to a charity shop or throw it away. Place the items you are wanting to keep back in their rightful place, the ones intended for charity into one of the large boxes and the items you no longer need into one of the bin liners.

To make life easy for yourself, why not hire a skip to take away all your unwanted rubbish? Skips are not just intended for transporting huge amounts of rubbish. They come in a variety of sizes and if your rubbish is not quite as large as a small mountain, it’s still going to be worth your while. The skip can be delivered to your property and placed on your land for convenience; however, for those without the required space, it can actually be placed on the road outside providing you have the relevant permit from your local council; something that can usually be arranged on your behalf. We’re based in Billericay and recently used Reds Skip Hire and were pleased to find out that they could handle absolutely everything for us!

So why not give it a go. It will be less stressful than numerous trips to the local landfill site.

Ways to Climb the Corporate Ladder

The business world is unstable, competitive and unforgiving so if you want to move up you always need to be on your toes. What many people don’t realise is how easy it is to get lost in the crowd of people and become just another extra in a suit filling the elevator. People who have moved up to envious positions are not your average Joes and Janes, they are driven people who are innovative, hard-working and relentless. It takes a certain mindset to be high up on the corporate ladder, these kind of individuals know people, they know how to read them, what to say to them and how to get what they want. If you want to earn a promotion first you need to get noticed by your superiors.

Get Active

Whenever you are in a meeting the worst thing you can do is be a fly on the wall. Your superiors are watching you and if you never contribute to a discussion they will think you have no ambition and will never consider you for a raise. Try thinking about the company, where are its problems? Try to find a solution and help the company become more productive. You can try talking to your manager and offering possible solutions to a problem. Always seem interested in the topic that is discussed, ask questions, repeat explanations paraphrasing their words and don’t avoid eye contact. Doing this will make it seem that you are genuinely interested in the company and its progress.

Corporate Ladder


It’s no secret that networking is the key to success. Knowing how to deal with people is crucial in the business world because this will get you closer to reaching your goals. If you just keep to yourself and do an outstanding job it will take more time for someone to notice how competent you are. A good idea to get noticed is to get an office fruit delivery either to corporate or to your co-workers, it will make a good impression because it is a generous thing to do. Also, never miss a company activity, be it a party or a work seminar; your co-workers and superiors will take notice of your presence.

How to Win Over you Colleague

There are many surprising psychological tricks you can do to make people like you. One way is through favours, though this sounds counter-productive researchers discovered that when a person does you a favour they automatically believe that you are worth doing that favour for. Also, if you think the person will reject you, ask for a favour the person will most likely say ‘no’ to, then later ask for something much more reasonable. This way the person will say ‘yes’ because they feel bad for rejecting you in the first place. Another psychological trick is to mirror their body language and speech patterns because mimicking someone’s behaviour makes them feel validated and important. If you want people to agree with you nod while you talk, they will instinctively nod back and are more likely to agree with you. Using, these tricks may not get you a promotion right away but it will lay a foundation for it because people will back up the decision for a promotion based on reputation alone.

Fall Fashion Trends That Look Great on Everyone

Many people get excited about the arrival of fall and dig out the boots and jackets long before summer is really over, but even those who were not too excited about the arrival of fall are accepting that the cooler season is now upon them and it is necessary to pull out some warmer layers for the cold days to come. This means that now is the perfect time to dive into this season’s new fashion trends.

Trends can be difficult to incorporate into any woman’s closet. Women first and foremost need to choose styles that they love and that flatter their body, which does not always fit into what is currently in style. However, there are some trends every season that can be flattering on anyone’s figure. These pieces will work great for the season and can be transitioned to other seasons to get the most benefit. Here are a few fall fashion trends that look great on everyone.

Fall Fashion Trends

The sweater dress

A sweater dress is a popular trend that began last season and is back this season. Women love this trend because it keeps women warm and comfortable while still looking chic and trendy. Sweater dresses are also very flattering to any figure because the heavy material maintains its shape well and can create a long and lean silhouette. Women can add a belt to a sweater sheath dress to add some definition to the waist and pair it with high boots and a scarf for the complete look.

The knee length skirt

The days of the mini skirt are over and the new favorite length for fall is a knee length skirt. A knee length skirt or midi skirt is a great way to create a feminine look without revealing too much leg. A-line styles are perfect for every woman who wants to create that hourglass figure. These skirts can also be paired easily with ankle boots and tights for cooler days. For a sexier look, women can opt for a knee length pencil skirt that hugs their curves.

The bold jewel tone colors

Jewel tones have become popular in every aspect of style and fashion for fall. People are embracing jewel tones for their interior design, their makeup and now their clothing. Women everywhere can find a jewel tone that perfectly complements their skin tone. Deep and rich colors work best to brighten up the skin and add some life to a boring fall outfit. Women who are looking for a sheer bra can opt for one in a deep jewel tone to add a trendy and sexy item to their closet. These little touches can make a big difference in a woman’s style.

The ankle boots

Ankle boots are not just adorable, they are also very flattering on all women. Ankle boots make the legs look thinner and longer while additionally keeping the feet warm. These are a great option to pair with any fall outfit to create a chic and sophisticated look.

3 Reasons To Use A Mortgage Broker When Buying Your First Home

As a first time buyer, there’s ultimately going to be a lot of things going round your head! Buying your first home is a big step for anyone and, unfortunately, it comes with unnecessary levels of stress. Of course, buying your first home is an exciting and enjoyable time and getting your feet on the property ladder is a fantastic feeling, however things don’t always go to plan and there’s numerous things you’ll need to try and get your head around…one of these being a mortgage application.

Of course, a mortgage application doesn’t need to be stressful, however, especially given the fact that there are mortgage brokers out there who specialise in the field and who are able to reduce much of the stress and put through your application for you. In order to take a look at three reasons why you should use a mortgage broker when buying your first home, we’ve teamed up with Andy at Mortgageforce Worcester.

Receive Professional Advice

Buying Your First Home

One of the main causes of stress when applying for a mortgage is not knowing the difference between various types of mortgage. Especially as a first-time buyer, it’s hard to know whether the best mortgage for you is a fixed term one, a tracker mortgage, a variable mortgage or one of the many differently termed options out there. A mortgage brokers job is to advise you on the best options for you and ensure you’re taking out the best mortgage for your individual financial circumstances. The advice is out there so take it!

Get Exclusive Deals

Many mortgage brokers will be able to get exclusive rate deals from lenders meaning you’ll often find you get a rate through them which you simply couldn’t have got by going direct. When we’re talking hundreds of thousands of pounds, even a very small reduction in interest rates can make a huge difference to monthly outgoings so try and take advantage of any exclusive deals you can!

Reduce The Stress

When you use a mortgage broker, you won’t have to worry about filling in paperwork yourself and ensuring you’ve done it right…they’ll do it for you. You’ll simply have to provide various bits of documentation as you go through the process and sign on the dotted line. This, of course, leaves you free to find your dream home and get on with the things which are more important…like choosing your new furnishings!

Above all, using a mortgage broker won’t just save you a lot of stress and hassle but it can save you money and ensure you receive professional advice. In many cases, a mortgage broker won’t cost you a penny so do yourself a favour and leave your mortgage application to a professional!

4 Essentials For Improving A Real Estate Business

The real estate business is extremely competitive, especially today. With housing prices rising all the time and more and more people looking to buy, it seems like becoming a real estate agent is the best career decision that anyone can make. This fact, however, makes competition between real estate businesses even more difficult and makes the job of a new real estate agent that much more challenging.

Despite all of these obstacles, there are a lot of ways that real estate businesses can improve and succeed in this new real estate world. Real estate businesses need to utilize a few simple tools that are readily available in order to take their business to the next level. These tools are easy for any real estate business to obtain and utilize and will give their business more success. Here are four essentials for improving a real estate business that every real estate agent should take advantage of.

Real Estate Business

Social Media

Social media is a great way for any business professional to expand and improve their career. Real estate agents can use social media in a lot of different ways to improve their business. Real estate agents can use social media to connect with other real estate professionals to gain advice and new business partners. Real estate agents can also use social media to advertise and connect with their clients. These simple tools are very valuable to any real estate business.

Advice from the Experts

Every real estate business could use some extra advice. There are always people out there who will have something new to share. Real estate agents can look for advice in a lot of different places. Some great options for real estate businesses might be mentors, other real estate businesses or Brian Buffini real estate broker seminars. Any of these options could provide real estate agents with the support and information that they need to take their business to the next level.

A Reliable Way to keep in Contact

Real estate agents need an easy and reliable way to stay connected to their clients. Even more so, real estate agents need a way for new clients to easily contact them. Every real estate agent should have a cell phone and a reliable internet connection at all times. It can also be beneficial for real estate businesses to connect with their current or potential clients via social media to create a more personal experience.

Ways to get the Attention of New Customers

New customers are essential for real estate businesses. People often only buy one or two homes in their lifetime, which means that real estate agents need to be constantly finding new customers in order to keep their business going. The best way for real estate businesses to find new customers all year long is to have a really great marketing plan. Each real estate business might find different ways that are effective in marketing, but no matter what a real estate business should find a way to create recognition for their agents.

5 Simple Ways To Avoid Ever Creating Debt

Debt is still a huge issue around the world for many people. Debt is created so quickly that many people have a difficult time even realizing what is happening, and before they know it, they are swimming in a sea of debt. Debt can become an issue that keeps people from achieving their financial goals or even living the life that they want to or deserve to. For these and many other reasons, everyone should try to practice some methods to avoid creating debt before it even starts.

Credit is a valuable and essential tool, especially for young people who are trying to establish themselves financially. Many people try to avoid using credit in order to avoid creating debt, but this can cause a whole new set of financial issues. Therefore, everyone needs to learn how to use credit appropriately in order to avoid creating debt. Here are five simple ways to avoid ever creating debt.

Creating Debt

Learn how and when to use Credit

Credit can be a very valuable tool for someone looking to build their wealth and improve their life, but it can also be very dangerous if not used correctly. Everyone should know how and when to use their credit in order to benefit themselves financially instead of creating debt. This involves making credit payments a part of the regular expense budget and never using credit that cannot be paid back in full the following month.

Avoid High-Interest Credit

There are a lot of credit options available today. Many can be a great way to establish wealth, but some high-interest credit could cause a person to slip into debt. Those who are looking to avoid debt should be careful to only use credit options that have low-interest rates.

Have an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is a great way for anyone to plan for the future and prepare themselves financially for whatever might come. A good rule to follow is to have an emergency fund that could support everyone for 3 months if anything were to happen. This fund should be left alone and only used in the case of a real emergency. People can use InstaLoan to get their emergency funds started.

Use a Realistic Budget

A budget is essential for anyone looking to avoid debt and save money. A budget should be planned out thoroughly to include everything that is usually spent during the month. Everyone should create a budget that allows them to put month into savings, make credit payments and still have enough money for the rest of the monthly bills.

Avoid Impulse Purchases

Impulse purchases are the cause of a lot of debt in the world. Many people think that the occasional impulse purchase is not a big deal, but these purchases can add up quickly and lead to serious debt. Everyone should always go shopping with an exact list, even at the grocery store, in order to avoid buying anything they do not need. Planning purchases ahead also allows people to utilize more coupons and deals to save money.

3 Fantastic Moustache Waxes To Celebrate Movember!

Given that November is now famously known as Movemberto many, we thought it only fitting to give you our rundown on our favourite three moustache waxes. Of course, as you grow your ‘mo throughout the month, you’re going to want to keep it looking it’s very best at all times, even experimenting with a number of different looks. We’re huge fans of moustache waxhere at Comb and Blade and, as such, wanted to bring you our three favourites.

Uppercut Deluxe Mo Wax

If you’re looking for a moustache wax which has been designed with the sole purpose of keeping your mo looking ship shape, you need Uppercut Deluxe Mo Wax in your life! Whether you’re simply trying to look your best during Movember or are even considering keeping your mo a little longer, this is hands down our favourite moustache wax and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone!

Celebrate Movember

Stern Hungarian Moustache Wax

If a strong hold and easy styling is what you’re after, we suggest you try Stern Hungarian Moustache Wax. This German-made (yep, German not Hungarian made) wax is one which we’ve only just got our hands on, however it’s so far so good and a wax which we’re growing to love! You can easily remove the wax with water and the main benefit is how easy it is to use! If you want an easy-style wax, this could well be the best product for you!

Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax Sandalwood

This product is THE moustache wax for the gentleman intent on keeping a stiff upper lip, regardless! What we love about this product is the fact that it’s made from only the very purest ingredients that it’s scented with the lovely sandalwood! It’s said that the product is made using Captain Fawcett’s very own personal moustache wax recipe, one which has been strictly adhered to bring a fantastic, traditional product. It’s certainly a case of last but not least here and we’re all fond fans of this great moustache wax!

Whilst you may be growing your mo for Movember at the moment, we’re confident you’ll learn to love it and that with a little care and attention, you and your mo can have a long-lasting, healthy relationship!

5 Ways To Make The Holidays More Affordable

Many people look forward to the start of the holiday season. From family gatherings to favorite holiday foods, there are a lot of reasons to get excited about the approaching holiday season. However, there are some people who are a little less than excited that this season has made its way around again. The holiday season is all about giving, but those who are working on a budget may feel a little less than festive.

The truth is that the holidays can be very expensive for everyone. Between buying holiday gifts, attending holiday parties and hosting holiday get-togethers, many people feel like they need to double their income in order to make it all work. Fortunately, because so many people feel the same way, there are a few methods that people can use to avoid going bankrupt paying for their holiday season. Here are five ways to make the holidays more affordable.

Holidays More Affordable

Plan a Holiday Budget

Everyone needs a budget during the other times of the year, but the budget might need to change a little in order to accommodate for holiday spending. Everyone should create a list of all the extras they need to buy for the holidays, plan a budget for those things and add it into their current budget. This will allow people to see how much they are spending and what they need to do to afford it all. Anyone can utilize tools like TitleBucks to get the money they need for the holidays.

Give More Meaningful Gifts

Everyone still feels like they need to spend a lot of money in order to show their love and appreciation during the holiday season. This may be true for a select few, but more people would prefer a gift that is lower in price but high in personal touch. Those who are looking to save money can try making gifts for their loved ones. Another good idea is to give the gift of quality time, like a day at the beach with a friend.

Utilize Online Shopping Deals

Online shopping is a great way to save money during the holidays. People can use deals on Cyber Saturday and any day of the year to save money on the things they need to buy for the holidays. Many online stores allow free shipping on larger orders and better selection and prices than the physical store can offer. This is also a great way for people to shop early and get it out of the way so they can begin to focus on other holiday plans.

Shop Local for Food

Most people will do a big shopping trip at a chain grocery store before their holiday events. This may seem like the easiest path to follow, but it can cost a lot more money. People should try to buy their holiday food from local vendors instead. This will not only help shoppers get better foods for their holiday events, but it can also help them save a lot of money when feeding a big group of people.

How To Create The Most Effective Video Broadcast

In years gone by, broadcasting a video meant being able to gain access to a TV channel but with the developments in the internet, it’s now possible to create an online presentation too.

But a true video broadcast is done with the help of professional equipment in order to ensure that the resulting stream is slick, seamless and high quality.

Here are some ideas about the equipment that’s needed in order to create the most effective video broadcast possible.

Video Camera

You can stream live from all kinds of equipment, including some smartphones too, but to provide a quality broadcast of a sufficiently high standard, it’s necessary to have a good video camera to start with.

HD images have transformed the world of TV and have translated across onto the internet too. Having a video camera which is enabled for HD one of the most fundamental requirements for any video camera.

The good news is that HD image quality is available on many types of video camera, including those which are handheld. It doesn’t need to be a large and unwieldy camera; even small models can be packed full of the features which will guarantee the end video broadcast is slick and of the highest quality.

You may need to ultimately invest in extra lenses as well as an external audio system but for the savings and overall economy you may well feel this is worthwhile.

How To Create The Most Effective Video Broadcast

Mixing Sound

The sound quality is almost as important as the visual quality; some might argue it’s an even more vital component.

There are two different ways you could tackle this.

The first option is to simply rely on the capture of audio on the video camera you are using; those equipped with HD technology typically are capable of producing a decent audio track too. Those using a full digital card offer the best results. If you plump for this option, you will still require an audio mixer, running as an intermediary device between the microphone and the camera, allowing you to mix live audio as and when you want.

The second option is to use a stand-alone system for audio, recording it as a separate file. Although this inevitably involves extra work, the end result is far superior. The post-production work will also take slightly longer as you’ll need to sync it with the captured video. The sound is undeniably cleaner however, so it’s up to you as to whether you have the time and inclination.


No matter what the quality of your audio recording equipment, if you don’t have good microphones the sound on your video broadcast will be shocking.

Shotgun microphones using a boom pole is a standard requirement but you may also benefit from some wireless lavalier microphones too.

How To Create The Most Effective Video Broadcast

This can eat up a chunk of your budget but don’t be tempted to skimp on quality here because it will show in the end result.

Using Lighting

If you were in a full professional setting, you would have the benefit of controlled lighting which could easily be adjusted. Unfortunately for most amateurs looking to create a video broadcast, this kind of luxury isn’t available.

You will however still need some kind of additional lighting but the type of broadcast equipment you need to invest in will depend on the type of video you plan on shooting.

Documentary-style work could work perfectly well with a multi-function single light set-up but for larger scale recordings, you will need a more complex rig, such as an HMI kit.


Creating a video broadcast is now a feasible possibility for a much greater range of individuals operating on an amateur basis, as well as professional. Having the broadcast equipment described above will ensure that the end result is high quality and as effective as possible.

Business Development Jobs – Easy Way To Be A Business Developer

Business Development Executive, an authority in itself. As the name sounds, business development Executives or BDEs are there to develop and generate new businesses. Other responsibilities may vary but the core duty of the BDEs is to bring new business opportunities. To generate new businesses, business development Officers need to be good at marketing, have good knowledge of products or services, good with communication and have good skills in writing proposals and presentations. Business development officers must also have a good knowledge of business administrations, economics and finance.

How one can land into this field of business is a dream of many but to excel one has to follow certain rules and tips. Down below are some tips to get into the business development career:

Business Development Jobs

Get Some Training

BBA and MBA is one of the major degree programs offered here in Pakistan to serve the candidates in becoming good at business development and land the job of their dreams. But not all the business development executives have these qualification. Then how one can get into this field without any prior related qualification or experience? It’s not that tough, do some research, assess where you lack and what skills and training you require. Some certificates and diplomas can also cater individuals in entering the field of business development.

Be a People’s Person

One of the basic needs to enter into this field is good in public dealing. You need to have good convincing powers, a smiling face, a humble person and the good you are with general knowledge the better it is to communicate with clients or potential clients.

You need to be a Team Player

A small-sized organization might require a single Business development manager, an executive or an officer but in medium to large size organizations, there will be a team to take charge of this department and its operations. So, there comes the need of a team player. It isn’t usually the job of an introvert person to take this job but an extrovert natured personnel are the ones best for the business development jobs.

Being part of a team, everyone needs to play along. If one falls behind, the rest must push him/her to get to the set goals. The business development managers must also act as a team player and lead the team so that no one feels demotivated.

Taking the Overload

In private organizations, usually, the working hours may extend longer than usual working hours and even can take up the weekends. So is the case with business development jobs. You may have to work on holidays and sacrifice your life a little, but no worries as this will for sure help you in your days to come.

Travelling is usually the most required thing to do when in a business development job. But in many IT based firms, this job may be performed by providing online services. These BDEs will be bidding online or sending out proposals to foreign or domestic clients and generating business using the help of web.

Be a Part of a Professional Association

Search the web and look around yourself, there could be some professional bodies helping people like you to land a perfect business development job and become the best business developer. Register yourself with an online or offline association. There you will gain the knowledge to valuable techniques and resources that will help you perform better in your business development career.

Increase Your Connections

Networking can help you get into the field of your dreams. There are number of ways to increase your connections. Job fairs are one of them. Attend job fairs and it will help you to get the business development job. Also connect with persons already into this field and increase your chances of getting into business development job.

Easy, isn’t it? Business development jobs are in high demand. Follow some basic tips and there you go. Some fields don’t need qualifications but skills, which can be achieved by following the above tips.