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Addressing The Issue Of Infertility!

In simple terms, you will find that infertility in couples is a phase where they are not able to conceive naturally. Due to this condition, they will strive to seek out fertility doctors in the region to help them start their dream family. Many couples believe that this is a rare condition however the truth is you are not alone. Unfortunately, there are many couples in the world and nation that are suffering from infertility issues and the number of cases is rising every day!

Addressing The Issue Of Infertility

Seek the guidance and counsel of a professional and compassionate expert

Kwang Yul Cha is one of the most celebrated global infertility specialists in the USA and world today. He says that one of the prime causes of infertility is the delay in pregnancy by women. Today women are opting to become pregnant in their 30’s and 40’s. They are crossing their fertile period of childbirth and this is why 1 out of 6 couples on an average is facing the conditions of infertility. He says men too are having infertility problems due to stress and lifestyle issues. The sperm count in men has increased and they should also agree for check- ups when the question of infertility arises, he says.

He adds there are a host of other complicated issues that often is the cause of infertility in couples. In women, some of them are polycystic ovarian syndrome- this is a disorder of the hormone and is one of the prime causes of infertility. Another reason for infertility is endometriosis- here the endometrial tissue is found out of the cavity of the uterus in females. Women also have the possibility of suffering from a low progeasterone secretion called the luteal phase defect as well.

When it comes to men, as cited before, he says low sperm count or ejaculation malfunction can be one of the top causes for infertility in couples. He says that when couples come to him, his first concern is to find out the prime reason for the above on the basis of tests and face to face interaction with his patients. Both the male and the female should be tested for infertility.

Lifestyle check and right choices

He also adds that many couples should sit back and asses their lifestyle and check whether they are making healthy choices or not. Most of the wrong choices are in the diet and exercise of people. Substance abuse and any kind of weight issues like obesity can also be the prime cause when it comes to infertility in couples.

The couple should check what they do and eat when they are looking for infertility treatment by a skilled and experienced doctor like Kwang Yul Cha. He says that the treatments given out by fertility doctors do work however simple lifestyle changes in the couple will ensure that they conceive naturally and have the child of their dreams. They should be regular in the sessions and listen to the advice and prohibitions of their infertility expert to start their dream family at the earliest!