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Being a Star Doesn’t Needs More Than One Blockbuster!

One of the most often asked questions in any internet forum is most likely about what makes one famous or a star. Well, though the answer may vary from one individual to another but still some would reply that it takes delivering with a ton of blockbuster movies in order to become a star. But this is an utter misconception, shows teen star Allie Fremin. Fremin who has acted in the latest film ‘Bracelet of Bordeaux’ has really made it big. As a matter of fact the critics are quite pleased with her remarkable performance in the movie and thinks that she is the bright future of the American film industry.

According to Casey Kelly, the director of the movie ‘Bracelet of Bordeaux’ , Fremin has surpassed every expectation which a director holds from an actress. Not only she fulfilled the much demanded natural acting style but also there is just something special about her, in the way she makes her acting look so easy, effortless and natural all the way. And for those who doesn’t gets the vitality of this, well natural acting is just as tough as it may sound easy. Many people often holds a notion that acting naturally is easy and once too often some of your friends may have said “I can easily do that”.

Allie Fremin

If it was that easy at the first place, everyone would have made it big in Hollywood to be actors like Al Pacino or Anthony Hopkins and such. But it isn’t the case. As a matter of fact it takes years of training, late night rehearsals, and mastering the art of body language, talking, speaking, eating food with a fork in a specific manner, walking in a desired way and more to reach that prominence so as to act as a character and be lost in the process. Critics have been able to notice this very potential in Allie fremin.

Fremin who is a student now, is currently trying to get herself more qualified and knowledgeable by pursuing a degree on International Relations from the University of St.Thomas which is located in Houston, Texas. As per her fellow casts and the director of the film ‘Bracelet of Bordeaux’, what makes her different from others alike is the fact that she is confident at what she does. And this is something which makes heck of a difference. Confidence is the very key to acting spontaneously and delivering with a lively performance. Even a less trained confident actress can outrun a trained actress who lacks a certain amount of confidence.

But also apart from doing her role as the cheerleader in the film ‘Bracelet of Bordeaux’, she also did some roles in star studded movies. She has acted in the role of good fairy in “The Steadfast Tin Soldier,” a nurse in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” and also as Queen Mary Stuart in “Mary of Scotland. This only proves that for a true actress the size of role doesn’t matters as much as doing it in perfection does.