Bicycle Accidents? Here Are Things You Need To Know

Bicycle accidents? Here are things you need to know if you have been hit by a vehicle,while riding your bicycle. At Adam S Kutner Employment, you are assured the best legal advice when seeking bicycle injury claims. Be sure to read Adam S Kutner Jobs, if you are a lawyer, wanting to help with bicycle accident claims.

Bicycle Accidents Compensation

Have you been hit by a vehicle while riding your bicycle? Are you wondering if you can seek compensation for the injuries suffered by you, as a result of the bicycle accident?

By law, depending upon where you are located, you are entitled to bicycle accident compensation. Some of the reasons the driver that caused you to meet with the bicycle would be responsible are, if he/she:

  1. Acted negligently.
  2. Was reckless.
  3. Was drunk. Etc.

Compensation Entitlement

If you have been a victim of a bicycle accident, you are entitled to recover damages and these include:

  1. Lost Wages:If you have been forced to quit your job or take time off from your job, as a result of suffering from a bicycle accident, you have the right to recover the amount due you by way of salary, income, earnings or wages.
  2. Future Income Loss: If you have been permanently injured in the bicycleaccident, you are entitled tocompensation for your inability to do any work in the future and your resultant loss in future income.
  3. Unable To Do Household Chores: Every member in any family, does some kind of housework or the other. If as a result of the bicycle accident, you are unable to do any householdchores, you are entitled tocompensation.
  4. Failed Plans And Activities:There are many people who plan things for the future. Such as buying tickets for an expensive vacation ora sporting event or even an opera. If these future plans have been ruined of yours, due to abicycle accident, you can be compensated for the same.
  5. Property Loss Or Destruction: If the bicycle has been damaged or destroyed as a result of the accident, you are entitled to recover the costs of repair or the market value price of the bicycle.

Seeking Bicycle Accident Compensation?

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