Boston Red Sox: The Prominent Baseball Team With Countless Fans

Among all the cities of United States, Boston shares one of the most enriching histories. People at Boston are extremely dedicated to every type of American sports. Being a major part of the cities culture, the sports fans in this city are known for their fanatical devotion towards their team. Among all the several major sports league teams that represent the city, Boston Red Sox is the most popular one. This American professional baseball team shares a rich history which is also one of the most successful teams in the country. Noted financial advisor David Barcomb is also a huge admirer of Boston Red Sox and often seen supporting his home team in the stadiums.

The history of Boston Red Sox is rich and profound. It is one of the founding members of the American league of Major League Baseball way back in the year 1903. The history of name of Boston Red Sox comes from the uniform feature of their dress. Regardless of their home or away matches, the sock region always remain red. From this unique tradition, it came to be known as Boston Red Sox. Though it is one of the most successful teams to compete in the American league, it also shares the record of entering into the longest tournament droughts.

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It has failed to win the championship from 1918 to 2004. The 86 year long wait was often termed as Curse of Bambino. The dedicated fans associate this with the trade of Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees in the year 1918 who was called Bambino by the fans. But after this 86 year long period, since 2004, Boston Red Sox has been very successful. Now they have emerged as the first team in the 21st century to win three world series trophies that includes championship in the year 2004 and 2007.

The people at Boston were extremely possessive about their team. It has a huge fan base in the city, in the whole state as well as around the whole world. Even when the team cannot perform according to the expectations, the wide fan base consistently provided their support and cheered for the team. Boston Red Sox has a fierce rivalry against the Yankees. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, both the teams have completed over 100 seasons in the American League. Many sports journalists often regard their rivalry as one of the prominent rivalry among all forms of sporting events.

It receives extensive media coverage and it generates considerable interest among their fans. David Barcomb, who is busy in their professional life, always find out time to watch this sporting extravaganza. From his teenage, he has always followed Boston Red Sox. Like him, there are countless followers of this team who love Boston Red Sox. The team is maintained by Fenway Sports Group which is also the owner of Liverpool FC, another dynamic football club that plays in the premier league in England.

The success of this Boston Red Sox is cherished highly by the fans. They are the source of confidence and strength of all the players of Boston Red Sox.

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