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Consume Anadrol For Muscle Growth

Being underweight can cause serious troubles to one’s health. Health problems such as weakened immunity, weak bones, hair loss, and infertility may arise. Taking food that is rich in protein can help to put on weight. However to gain muscles and a great physique people turn to medical supplements such as Anadrol, that promise to bulk up in a short time, que era Androydthat was originally marketed as Anadrol 50.

Consume Anadrol For Muscle Growth

What is Anadrol?

Oxymethalone  is a potent is a potent oral anabolic steroid under the trade name Anadrol. Traditionally it was used to treat anaemia as it helps in increase red blood count, as well as increase appetite.

How it works?

Anadrol is a testosterone derivative, it increases your appetite making you eat more than usual, it results in increases the protein synthesis too, thus leading to muscle growth. Along with this, the red blood cells count also increases, which improves body stamina and make you stronger.

How much to take In?

Since Anadrol is a steroid it is not recommended to use it for more than six weeks at a time. A prior physician check is a must before as well as post the Anadrol cycle. Always begin with lower doses and gradually increase the dosage, but it should not exceed 100 mg per day. In addition slowly decrease the Anadrol dosage during the last days of the cycle .This will help to keep muscle mass gained during cycle, and help your body to exit the cycle with minimal losses.

What to look for before the usage?

Some medical conditions might interact with Anadrol, it is advised to inform your doctor if you are having any of the following conditions.

  • If you are breast feeding
  • If you are on any prescription medicine, herbal or dietary supplements
  • If you are having diabeties,liver problems, heart or kidney problems or high calcium.
  • If you have allergies to medicines, foods etc.

Are there any side effects?

Anadrol like any other steroid drug has its side effects, they may occur during any steroid cycle.

  • Due to the estrogenic nature of Anadrol, gynecomastia is a serious concern. In order to protect from gynecomastiaanti-estrogen medication needs to be used.
  • Anadrol carries some androgenic side effects such as acne, accelerated hair,male pattern baldness and body hair growth. This characteristic is why que era Androyd a poor choice for women.
  • Anadrol can have a strong negative impact onHDL levels. Individual’s diet will be the most important factor.Unfriendly cholesterol foods should be avoided.
  • The use of anabolic steroids will supress natural testosterone.Once the use of Anadrol and all anabolic steroids has come to an end and all the exogenous hormones have cleared your system natural testosterone production will begin again gradually.
  • Anadrol increase your liver enzyme values that are rather a sign of stress that can lead to liver damage.

Almost all the muscle building supplements have adverse side effects, but with proper dosage and time to time evaluation of the body, the adverse effects of these drugs can be minimised.