Expressing The Safety Concerns Related To Flying By Akash Monpara

The requirements for becoming a pilot and clearing the certification are becoming much difficult in the present times. The aviation industry has put forth strict rules and regulations and even increased the qualification requirements that are needed to become the pilot. Many reports have been observed till date of fatal crashes in which mostly the responsibility or error is committed by the pilot and it costs the passengers and the aviation industry much loss. So, the safety concerns which are prevalent in this industry are being clearly stated by the pilot Akash Monpara who has cleared the FAA certification.

Safety Concerns

What one needs to know about pilot’s certification?

In every country across the globe, the Civil Aviation Authority gives the pilot’s license after the completion of training of pilots on the aircraft. It is mandatory to obtain this certification as this will only permit the pilot to fly an aircraft with a co-pilot. Since no aviation industry in the world will give permission to the non-experienced pilot to fly an aircraft so as to avert the incident of the crashes.

Akash Monpara who has also cleared the FAA certification is a Pittsburgh-based pilot and is being recognized by the administration. The pilot’s certification basically includes various kinds of licenses like for the Students, for Recreation, Sports, Commercial and Airlines Transport Pilots etc. The privileges set forth in this certification are also different as the person holding Student license cannot take a solo flight, Airline Transport Pilot who is permitted to fly a Commercial Airliner and the person holding the Sports license can carry one passenger and fly only in the daytime. So, here are some other points which one needs to know about this certification and these are:-

  • The certification which is issued by the Aviation Authority to the pilots has put forward many higher educational requirements, medical standards and licensing issues for the pilots. Even a flying test is been taken by the authorities which makes sure about the capabilities of the pilots.
  • If a person wants to fly a commercial airliner then either the aviation degree is mandatory with some 1,000 hours of flying or he/she should possess the commercial pilot license with more than 1500 hours of flying experience and the person needs to be 21 years old.
  • They should clear the examination related to the air law, flight planning, navigation, instrumentation etc. which follows with the clearing of physical examination taken by the FAA – appointed medical examiner.

Other Features of this certification

There are many other features which are included in this pilot’s certification tests and Akash Monpara also expresses his views about the safety measures set forth by the FAA which is only for keeping  the passengers safe. This may include the practical tests of the pilot, clearing of the written exams, completion of cross-country flights so that a person can obtain commercial pilot license etc.

So, it can be seen that the safety standards put up by FAA are only for the safe flight for the passengers and to stop any mishap.