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Full Hair Extensions Guide for Beginners

Diving into the hair extensions world seems to be incredible, but you will be finally hooked once your first try. With hair extensions, you will feel to be very satisfied to add length and volume to your natural hair, which has been your dream for many years, we can not describe this feeling in any words.

Yes, it looks a little dramatic, if you are going to wear hair extensions for the first time, then you should read this guide. Now we will share the following tips on how to choose the best hair extensions method and brand, some hair maintenance will also be taught here.

Each hair extensions method has their own advantage and shortcomings, you have to choose the one that is most suible to your hair texture, daily life and budget. There are basically four attachment methods to choose from, u tip/pre bonded, hair weft, clip in and micro loop. Whichever extensions method you are going to choose, be sure to seek application help of a professional stylist from a salon, or you might have a risk to damage your own hair, and the hair extensions will not blend naturally and seamlessly.


First, u tip, which is known as nail tip or pre bonded, is a strand by strand method to apply hair extensions with hot fusion. The hair tip is an u-shaped keratin, you need to melt individual u tip bond to apply them on your hair. There is also a cold fusion method, which uses micro link or bead to attach strand by strand. Whatever hot or cold fusion method, they are all good application that can last nearly 6 months.

Second, weft. Not like fusion that applys strand by strand, weft is a method to apply extensions in rows. Tape in hair extensions use an adhensive tape to apply the weft, which makes it very suitable for thin hair. The base of tape tab is very thin, so after application, they are completely invisible. Glue in is also a weft method to apply, it is more used as a temporary method that only lasts for a few days until you wash your hair next time.

Tird, clip in. It is one of the most usual hair extensions method. Attached by using clips, hair extensions applied by this method could be removed off when you do not want to wear. This method is not suitable for thin and fine hair, because the weight of clips may cause damage to your own hair over time.

Choose the best brand

Once you have decided the hair extensions method that works best for you, now it is time to choose a brand. I have done a lot of research and found New Star Hair, which is among the top 10 hair brands in the industry. Based on the reviews which customers made on this brand, you can find that New Star sells various textures of Brazilian virgin hair extensions at low wholesale price. On their website, you can check the background and profile of their company, they opened hair stores in New York and Atlanta.

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