How is Commercial Cooking Benefited by the Induction Method?

The electric and gas cooking mechanisms have given way to the induction method of cooking. Whether at homes or in commercial areas like restaurants, the use of induction cooktops has largely increased over the past 15 years. There are four basic advantages or benefits that can be derived from the induction cooktops which is why there is a surge in its demand all over. They are:  Cost-effectiveness, Efficiency, Speed and Safety.

The growing demand of these revolutionary cooking media has led to the invention of many types of the kind, from single burners to multi burners, to cooking units that are freestanding or built-in; you can select from the wide array of these cooktops and suit your purpose. One of the best available in the market is the precision induction cooktop or NuWave Pic, a very efficient product of the Nu Wave Company.

Commercial Cooking Benefited

The efficiency of any induction cooktop is because of the technology behind it, i.e. the generation of heat within the pan that does not allow any wastage of heat. The heating process is done almost immediately, which helps in reducing the preparation time. This is a huge help in commercial kitchens, where time is absolutely limited because of excessive traffic and huge quantities.

The commercial kitchens are full of the kitchen staff at most times which is why it is crucial that the risk of accidents be kept at its minimal. The induction cooktops enable this because of the flameless cooking that can be carried out on these. The danger of any big mishap is totally avoided because of this great feature of the induction cooktops.

It often comes as a surprise to people that they can actually touch the surface of the cooktop while cooking and not feel a tad bit heat. You can only imagine the kind of thinking that must have gone into keeping the aspect of safety as top priority while designing these induction cooktops. The NuWave Pic is one of those fuel efficient and safe mediums of cooking.

These cooktops can be called fuel efficient because they hardly allow any wastage of heat, which is not the case with conventional cooking ranges like gas and electrical cookers. The virtual no ambient heat is a welcome thing for the entire kitchen staff of a commercial kitchen and it enhances their productivity. In fact, the cost of extra structural cooling systems for the kitchen can also be curbed with the installation of these cooking appliances.

It should be further noted that the energy expenses are conserved again because of the heat efficiency of the cooktops. In contrast to the gas cookers where only 35 to 40% heat energy is delivered to the pan, about 90% of the heat is delivered to the pan that is placed atop an induction cooktop. This conservation is a big help in realising greater profits for any commercial kitchen. Thus, it is not just small scale cooking and heating of food at home that is benefited from the induction cooktop but large spaces like the commercial kitchens that are very grateful to the makers of such a revolutionary appliance.