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Infertility In Couples- How To Address The Issue!

The prospect of having children and raising a family is the dream of every woman in society regardless of whether she is career-oriented or not. However, there a number of young women in every society who are unable to conceive naturally due to a variety of reasons. These women along with their partners have to face the social stigma of being childless by both the society and their families. This only adds to the mental agony of being unable to bear children coupled with a sense of rejection. However, Cha Fertility Center in Los Angeles is a beacon of hope to such infertile couples of starting a family.

Since its establishment in 2001, Cha Fertility Center has assisted many childless couples start their own family with their groundbreaking fertility treatments. Thanks to the specialists and dedicated staff of this reputed fertility clinic, these couple have become proud parents and prevail over the stigma of being infertile. Many of the clinic’s fertility treatments like the concept of egg freezing have raised the bar for other similar fertility clinic to emulate. In fact, Cha Fertility Center was the first fertility Center in the world to establish a commercial egg bank in 2002 in Los Angeles.

Infertility In Couples

Infertility refers to condition where a woman is unable to become pregnant due to a variety of reasons in spite having unprotected intercourse for over a year. It is common in women who reach the age of thirty-five, as there is a decline in her reproductive ability. In such situation, it is imperative for the childless couple to consult a reproductive endocrinologist or fertility expert, who can recommend an appropriate fertility treatment to help them bear children. Even in cases where the couples have regular intercourse for over six months without any kind of conception or where the woman suffers from irregular menstrual cycles, the couple should consult such a fertility specialist. In these cases, it is only after the fertility expert has accurately diagnosed and identified the cause of the infertility that he can advocate the most appropriate treatment.

Seeking the advice and counsel of such a reputed fertility specialist is also essential when a woman has experienced two or more spontaneous miscarriages or recurrent pregnancy losses. Such advice and counsel is also necessary when the couple especially the woman suffers from a serious medical condition that damages her reproductive potential if the couple wants to start a family.

Fortunately, for such couples, the unique fertility treatments that the fertility specialists at Cha Fertility Center provide enhance their chances of having children of their own. Unlike its competitors in this field, the fertility specialists and dedicated staff at this unique fertility center understand their patients’ unique medical condition resulting in their infertility. This is the reason why only after thorough and accurate diagnosis, these fertility specialist carry out the best possible treatment that caters to their patients’ unique needs and aspirations.

The assisted reproductive treatments in this unique fertility clinic are a class apart and has provided succor for many childless couples.