Know How ITIC is Equipped to Help Advance Healthy Business Practices Globally

Subsequent to offering its client countries with most dependable, effective and consistent consultancy services on tax reformation policies reformation and investment apart from education and training for more than 2 decades  ITIC, the International Tax and Investment Center is acknowledged as a global brand today to many national leaders, ministry of finance and economists. Since its foundation in 1993 in Washington DC, ITIC working globally as a non-profit, autonomous body specializing on extensive research, analysis, and consultancy services to its 85 client countries.

Daniel A Witt, the President of ITIC is a learned personality and has been working for more than 30 years in the industry to encourage free market environment and assisting its clients to diminish multiple barriers related to tax, free trade practices and investment factors. With a very competent group of professionals from public and private sector experts in research, analysis, international trade together with knowledgeable advisors Witt’s team International Tax and Investment Center Tobacco is fairly equipped to offer exclusive suggestions on multiple tax issues, reformation and investment matters. Apart from Washington DC, the corporate HQ, ITIC has 12 offices globally that include Moscow in Russia; Astana in Kazakhstan; Kiev in Ukraine, Baku in Azerbaijan; Dubai in the UAE; Manila in the Philippines; Baghdad in Iraq; Nay PYITAW in Myanmar; Bangkok in Thailand and London in the UK.

Business Practices Globally

The community is completely focused on dedicated advisory, training and promotional services to nations interested in flourishing their and economical based in international market sphere supported by healthy business policies. The International Tax and Investment Center is highly popular to its client nations due to its great services and continuous support that helped them in entering healthy international trade market. ITIC keeps close coordination and acts in collaboration with major public authorities, ministries of finance, customs and excise departments, tax departments and customs of 85 client countries across the world. This major endeavor of the community is greatly backed by the huge financial establishments like International Monetary Fund, World Customs World Bank or Organization for Economic Cooperation and more.

According to many International Business experts that the uniqueness of ITIC’s functioning is likely to bring radical changes in International Business Environment. Based on the free trade economy, the enterprise has introduced its newest platform The NEUTRAL TABLE to let the public and private sector sit together and have a consultation with experts of International Tax and Investment Center Tobacco to bring changes in business policies including tax issues, which can be beneficial mutually. The open discussion platform is a new generation platform where enterprises either from public authorities, private enterprises and other stakeholders can meet and have open discussion on different business policies, tax issues and on open trade policies. This is supported by the experts of ITIC where all such ‘points of discussion’ as well issues are studied, analyzed by experts and advisors of ITIC in order to come to a conclusion. ITIC’s Triangle designed solutions is now high demanding not only to its 85 client companies but are beneficial to common people, businessmen as well as professionals.