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Know these exciting facts and figures before you visit Mount Rushmore

When it comes to travel and tourism in the US, Mount Rushmore is perhaps one of the first places people want to lay their eyes on. But despite this spot being immensely popular among the tourists, very few have ample knowledge about the wonders that are related to Mount Rushmore. And this is really sad as Mount Rushmore isn’t just a worthy place to see for the locals but it attracts tourists from around the world! Just seeing through the popularity of the bus tourism package for Mount Rushmore in, one can easily understand that it is a tourist spot which has got a hype in recent times as well. Therefore before you visit this epic place with your family this season, just look into these interesting facts only to make the trip even more fun:

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  1. This fact should come as no surprise once you get to see the spectacular Mount Rushmore but it is definitely a point which will help you wonder how much effort it took to build something as spectacular and mind blowing as the structure itself. It took more than a decade to give the structure its current form, 14 years to be exact. And more than 400 hardworking full time laborers were needed to carve the mountain to its present spectacle. It is no wonder that the conditions of working was pretty hostile and dangerous to describe aptly but still they didn’t give up and as a result of their determination and coordination, no one died during the project!
  2. Did you know that more than 90% of Mount Rushmore was carved just by using dynamite! And add even more to that amazement knowing the fact that these blasts as a whole displaced and destroyed as much as 450,000 tons of rock! Well, it doesn’t ends just there. The more intricate details of the sculpture was carved and finished with the help of hand chisels and jackhammers.
  3. The carving of Mount Rushmore cost nearly one million dollars. Well this might have seemed obvious to you, right? But here comes the more dicey fact. Most of the carving work was done at the time of Great Depression!
  4. Mount Rushmore is one of those tourist spots which simply causes a rage among tourists all over the globe and annually the place sees as much as three million visits per year.
  5. The mouth of each president in the sculpture is approximately 18 feet wide while the eyes of each president is as wide as 11 feet wide.
  6. The face of Thomas Jefferson on Mount Rushmore was at first initiated on the opposite side of George Washington but once the carving was done for over 3 years, the authorities realized that the granite was too weak to keep the sculpture up. So the face was blasted off and again sculpted up on the other side.

Therefore, now that you are aware of the fun facts about Mount Rushmore, you just need to contact and you can be well on your way to this epic spot.

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