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Sharing the valuable thoughts on Electronic Dance Music by David Neil

Music is said to be great stress buster since people are mostly engrossed in listening to it and the recent trends in this field has changed the entertainment scenario. People like to watch out new faces and forms of music which are prevailing and whatever soothes their senses. The recent trend in music industry is of Electronic Dance Music which the younger generation likes as this form is played in parties, clubs and rave parties. Moreover, David Neil is also a college guy who is a big fan of this form of music as he feels that he lives and breathes the Electronic Dance Music.

EDM – A revolution in Music Industry

The modern artists have changed their outlook in a better way towards the EDM form of music which has flourished in recent times. It has given a platform to jazz sort of music which is actually liked by the younger generation and is evolved from house music to electronic dance pop. David Neil in his blog posts describes this kind of music as full of energy which in turn makes it entertaining and fills the crowd with utmost zeal and enthusiasm.

Electronic Dance Music

He thinks about EDM as a way of life while mentioning many good points about this form:-

  • The Electronic Dance Music which was once played in the year 1990’s as house music has developed in the recent times as the electric dance pop music which got momentum in the recent times.
  • With the passage of year 2006, many new artists like David Guetta, Akon, Daft Punk’s Coachella’s performance has actually changed the whole scenario of music industry. Their performance has brought this form of music in the mainstream line and people have praised it a lot.
  • The latest development in the music industry by the entrant of many young and famous singers into the Electronic Dance Music form has changed the face of music industry by following the recent trends.
  • As this form of music appeals mostly to younger generation so there is a huge fan following for this kind of music across the globe and the fans eagerly wait for the popular EDM bands to perform in their respective cities. Mostly the artists have given their hit performances in the cities of United States of America.

Views about this form of Music

The EDM form of music has witnessed many new entrants in the recent times with Justin Beiber being the latest one of them. David Neil expresses his views for the artists and the music forms because he likes to practice it since his parents were good music teachers. With the passage of time, he realized the liking for musical melodies and beats. He even likes to create an EDM on his own sitting in his dorm in the college which he finds very creative.

Lastly, it is seen that the latest trends in the music industry has influenced its increasing popularity amongst the college students as well.