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In the entire sphere of the anabolic steroid market world winstrol has a really good name and is very popular. It became popular owing to the fact and the scandal related to the 1988 Olympic where the Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson was tested positive with a high levels of Stanozolol in his blood. Owing to this findings he was stripped off of his gold medal, no doubt that must have been the end of his career at the very moment. The steroids is made available in the market under the brand name of winstrol. It must not be unknown to you that how every country has their own rules and regulations related to the use of steroids. Owing to the harsh side effects that it is known to create in the human body, they are banned in several countries and cannot be purchased in another few countries without the ownership of a legalized prescription written by an authorized doctor. It is however ultimately necessary that you take the advise of your doctor before you start taking these supplements as they are the best and the only people who can guide you with the dosage routine.

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Winstrol is still much popular among athletes in Canada and Australia. The performance athletes have a lot of attraction for using these supplements. Winstrol has been in the news as it was always making headlines for it had been used by a lot of famous athletes. The famous athletes include

  • Barry Bonds of San Francisco Giants used this product to boost his performance and to get a lean, defined physique
  • Roger Clemens of Boston Red Sox also was attracted to the use of this product as it helped him to improve his performance
  • Jenrry Mejia of the New York Mets loved using this product for its performance enhancing qualities

But the popularity of this specific drug is not only ensured and sealed by its use in the athletic world as an enhancer but is also made popular in the market by the non athletes who had used it and continues to use it only after having gained information of its benefits from the athletes. The first hand reviews from the original users are the best available information for people to know about the effects and side effects of a product. However sometimes certain people have several health conditions from before hand which actually van cause a variety of effect on their body due to the use of this product. Owing to the same it is always advisable that you take the advise of the doctor before you administer these medicines into your health. It is ultimately necessary that you get yourself diagnosed and take good care to treat your previous health ailments before you decide to take these supplements for several other added benefits. It is known to affect your health in a several good ways such as it helps to harden your lean muscle tissues and conditions the bones and joints of your body. If you use the product in the best way it will give you its best effects and results by gifting you a lean defined physique.