The Pioneering Hybrid Retail Marketplace Arrives Texas 

Having been founded in 1971, in the Woodlands, TX, the United States, Petroleum Wholesale, Inc offers specialized services as a major distribution house for a variety of branded auto fuel products to its business associates and retail shops. With its solid sales network spread all through Western America, the major fuel supplying group has successfully gained massive popularity throughout the nation for its product consistency, loyalty, and paramount sales support.

At the time of commencement, the today’s esteemed and nationally famed community kicked-off its operation backed by two key outlets located in Ardmore and Oklahoma. As of today, its network has been scattered in 9 states including California, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico and more. Out of petroleum products, it supplies the full range of fuel items mainly the branded ones in addition to gasoline, biodiesel, and wholesale diesel products.

Retail Marketplace

Since its sales and service network is extremely strong in the Western part of America, Petroleum Wholesale has opened its  Western segment controlling office, which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. With a highly enduring business backbone, made all through more than 45 years of dedicated and faithful services, the group is considered one of the fastest leading petroleum fuel companies in the US. As it comes to the assets in hand, the community is equipped with above 200 large-scale land bank properties, which has been kept in reserve toward its future developmental programs.

Keeping in view the crucial factors like ever-increasing market competition, economical instability, and further progression, in the recent years   Petroleum Wholesale has emerged with its newest retail market concept, the pioneering one in its category, Main Street Market in a well-communicated locale in TX. Unlike typically found retail marketplaces Main Street Market is a mall where one can find an exclusive combination of branded motor fuel items, auto repairing shops, and auto spare parts in one part while items like dress material to premium cigars or delicious fast food centers are also available under the solo roof for its valued consumers.

The MSM is, in essence, a pioneering hybrid type retail market place where you can access all internationally branded fuel items including Chevron, Gulf, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Texaco and Gulf. Two high-class food plazas ‘Steak n Shake’ and ‘SUBWAY’ are welcoming you to experience their mouth-watering dishes and fast foods while you get your auto-fueled or repaired. Among auto repairing points ACE Hardware, True Value Hardware and CARQUEST has already become popular with customers come to Main Street Market.

Meanwhile, Petroleum Wholesale group has also allocated its 20 land properties spread in major places across 9 states of America to come with their newest chain Main Street Market network. Apart from providing customers with all kinds of facilities while shopping, the group is aimed to offer series schemes and discounted offers to its new and regular consumers in Main Market Shoppe. The TX group is quite confident that MSM is about to be positioned as the nationally largest American retail chain in no time.