The Various Types of Photography


Among the many kinds of hobby, photography is something that though not pursued by many, yet is full of fun and adventure. Photography can of course been taken up as a profession, which has many types of it. It is an art form that many love to indulge because of the adventure and variability attached to it.

The most popular and sought after types of photography are the portrait and the landscape photography. David Berkowitz Chicago based photographer is absolutely in love with his profession of landscape photography, specifically urban photography. It is not necessary that all will enjoy the same sort of photography, you can choose from the wide range of classes of photography, whether you are an amateur or a professional.

The first type of photography is known as photojournalism. As the name suggests, it is a sort of journalism carried out with photography. In simple words, it is the representation of facts as they occurred through the photographs that you clicked. In order to attract readers for the particular story, these photographs are used. This is not a very easy genre of photography because it involves the ability to capture human emotions in the photographs.

Various Types of Photography

Next is Macrophotography, this is that type of photography in which the photographs are clicked at a very close proximity. This sort of photography essentially needs the professional film equipment, which are rather expensive, and need expert knowledge to operate.

Very similar to photojournalism is documentary, but the difference is that the photographs here are meant to give evidence of a particular era. The human emotions that need to be captured in this type also need a lot of practice and expertise.

Glamour photography is the next type, which entails the taking of glamorous photographs to reveal the beauty of the body. Though these photographs cover the essence of beauty, yet care is taken to not make them look obscene or objectionable. The photographs maintain decorum and respect of the photographed individual.

Among the most popular types of action photography is the sports photography. Here too a lot of experience is required, because the photographer must be able to conceive the next move of the player beforehand , so that he can get the best shot.

The portrait is one of the most popular types of photography and is one of the most primitive types. The uniqueness in the personality of the subject, which can be both animal and humans, is captured in this type.

Art, advertising, wedding and travel are the other types of photography that you could select from. David Berkowitz Chicago resident,is a photographer who prefers focusing on variety of subjects, he is an adept at capturing the intricacies and mystique characteristics of his subjects.

It is not a cakewalk to just hold a camera and click photographs, you need to be formally educated in the art ,to be able to produce state of the art photographs. He is known both for his photography as well as his love for adventure. It can be said that if you take up photography as your profession, you enjoy the dual benefits of photography along with adventure.

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