Things You Need To Know About Accidental Deaths

Accidental deaths of close relatives or friends often leads to a traumatizing experience for the ones who are left behind. Many negative emotions like frustration, anger, confusion, regret, pain can make the process of understanding what happened and why it happened very difficult. Leading attorney in Las Vegas Adam Kutner‘s team has accidental death lawyers who work with the victim’s families or loved ones and take them through the legal process to get justice for the negligent actions of the other party or individual. Mr. Kutner’s law firm handles both unintentional death and wrongful death cases. You can read AdamSKutner Reviews to know the clients and peer reviews.

Accidental death means a death that is caused by an unusual event that was not expected or intended by everyone involved. In typical cases, accidental injury is visible on the body surface or can be revealed by an autopsy. Wrongful death is a claim against a person who can be held responsible for the death. In wrongful death, a lawsuit can be filed even if the person who was harmed is no longer alive. The family of the deceased can file two types of claims, which are a wrongful death claim to recover the full value of the life of the deceased and a survival claim to recover the funeral expenses, pain and suffering or punitive damages caused. The most common causes of wrongful death are automobile accidents, medical malpractice, bicycle accidents, truck accidents, work related accidents, criminal acts and products liability.

Distracted driving or drunk driving are the common causes of automobile accidents. Medical professionals failing to give the required care can lead to the death of a patient and the family can take legal help to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Product sellers, designers, manufacturers, distributors are legally liable if their products has a faulty design or goes through defective manufacturing process as it can lead to possible injuries or death. Work related accidents can be the basis of a wrongful death lawsuit. Unsafe working conditions, fires or explosions, faulty equipment, machine related incidents and improper training are the different forms of work related accidents.

As per Nevada law, the family members of the deceased can get different types of compensation according to their case. Economic losses includes any medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, administrative costs, compensation for lost wages and future earnings, financial support for future which is paying for schemes of retirement and health insurance. Non-economic losses includes compensation for the loss of the loved one. It includes emotional stress and pain faced by the family members. Compensation for punitive damages is given in cases where the accidental death is caused by gross act of negligence and hence, it does not apply in every case. Accidental Death Attorney Adam Kutner realizes that this is a very trying time for the family members of the deceased and thus, his law firm strives to help you get through this difficult time by giving compassionate and aggressive representation.