Tips To Avoid A Dog Bite

Dog bites are a common menace these days. A dog bite is a bite inflicted upon an individual or a group of persons by another animal. More than one successive bites by a dog is often said to be a dog attack. Most of the dog bites do not lead to injury, disfigurement, infection, permanent disability. However, dog bites are the second most common cause of childhood injury. Common situations where dog bites happen include dog fighting, mistreatment, trained dogs either provoked or unprovoked. In the recent years, the number of dog bite incidents is growing in an even manner.

In order to prevent from getting bit by a dog, here are some easy steps to follow.

Be polite and respect the personal space of the dog. Never pet a unfamiliar dog, especially the one which is tied or confined behind a fence.

If the dog is sleeping, eating or caring for puppies, do not disturb it. Be aware when you are around stray dogs. The dogs that do not know you will consider you as a threat.

Keep a safe distance between yourself and a dog if you find that the dog is feeling uncomfortable by your presence.

Keep a check at the dog’s body language and put a space between yourself and the dog. If the dog is backing away, yawning, has a stiff tail and a tensed body, it means the dog does not like you or your presence around it.

If you think the dog is going to bite, run away and do not turn your back on them. It is the natural instinct of a dog to chase you.

If you feel that the dog is approaching you to attack you, follow these steps – do not scream, avoid eye contact with the dog and run away. When the dog loses its interest on you, it will stop following you and eventually back away. If the dog has attacked you, feed its mouth with your purse, jacket or anything that can come in between you and the dog.

Unfortunately, if you are bitten or attacked by a dog, do not get tensed or become panicky. Contact your doctor immediately for medical care and advice. Wash the wound immediately and completely with soap and warm water. You can also report the dog bite to your local animal care agency. Inform them about the dog and the owner’s name and address. If the dog is a stray, then update the animal control officials how the dog looks, where you came in contact with the dog and in which direction did it go.

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