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Forskolin: It a beneficial supplement in many conditions including overweight

Forskolin is an extremely popular and effective weight loss ingredient that is used in different weight loss supplements available in different brand names. The ingredient is extracted from the coleus species of plants, and make it suitable for human consumption in the laboratory. C. Barbatus, the most authentic source of forskolin is a perennial herb that is abundantly found in the different parts of India, and east Africa.

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Traditional uses of forskolin

In India, the benefits of this herb was known for thousands of years. In ancient times, the extracts of C. Barbatus were used to treat the digestive disorders, like stomachache, gastric problems, problems in the GI tract, and intestinal spasm etc. It was also used in skin burns, different types of wounds, insect bites, and skin allergies. In India and East Africa, this perennial herb was also used in syphilis, infections caused by ringworm, rheumatism, and neck stiffness. It was also used effectively to treat cardiovascular issues, asthma, defective blood circulation, and treating cancer.

Traditional physicians also applied it to induce menstruation, and also as oral contraception. In recent times, studies have shown that the immense benefits of C. Barbatus, and other similar categories of herbs in the same species are mainly due to forskolin. These days, measured doses of forskolin based supplements, like Ultra Trim 350 with Forskolin is used to reduce weight and prevent weight gain also.

Benefits of forskolin

Here are some benefits forskolin supplements provide for the body:

  • It is a perfect remedy for overweight and obesity. When, accompanied with healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet, forskolin can work wonders. Several studies have proved this fact.
  • The ingredient can reduce blood pressure and rectify many cardiovascular issues quite effectively.
  • Forskolin has the capacity to activate protein phosphatase 2 (PP2A), which is an enzyme that causes rapid rates of cell division. A study has shown that this unique characteristic of forskolin is anti-cancerous in nature and suppresses rectal cancer tumors by remarkably decreasing the growth of cancer cells. Due to this characteristic, oncologists today suggest the application of forskolin based medicines with particular doses that vary depending on the type of rectal cancer a patient is suffering from. It is also found that forskolin has the capacity to cause apoptosis, a characteristic through which this natural ingredient can cause death of myeloma cancer cells. Moreover, it is given when a patient is under chemotherapy, just to reduce the side-effects of the same.
  • Forskolin supplements are also used to manage asthma attacks. In this matter, forskolin has the same, or sometimes more positive effect than traditional asthma relievers like cromoglicic acid, and bronchodilators.
  • Glaucoma can also be treated with forskolin very effectively. There was a time, when it is injected directly in the eyes to treat glaucoma, but oral supplements are now avail to be used as per an expert’s advice.

Doses of forskolin supplements

For weight loss purpose, it is necessary to use forskolin supplements that are high in forskolin content like Ultra Trim 350 with Forskolin. Naturally, in every situation, the doses are fixed only after understanding the percentage of forskolin present in the oral supplements. Like, in obesity, a 250mg of 10% forskolin can be taken 2-times a day for at least 3 months.