Rectifying the Several Complexities of Medical Sales

When many people hear the term ‘medical sales’ or ‘healthcare sales’, outside the industry they may only think of medical reps or pharma reps device. But, for our benefits, the term ‘medical sales’ refers to professionals selling devices and pharmaceuticals, but it also includes those selling diagnostic and lab equipment, medical disposables, healthcare software, capital equipment or IT services. This type of service or product is sold into a healthcare market. It is no wonder that sales professionals are excited about the lucrative opportunities in the healthcare industry, as the average medical sales person earns a huge sum of money every year. Some people might assume that this industry is just like any other, as ‘sales is sales’, but they will soon realize that this industry offers many unique challenges.

Medical Sales

In the healthcare industry, there are a few unique challenges that sales professionals working usually faces:

  • Cycles of long sales.
  • With many decision makers, decision processes becomes complex.
  • Budget requirements is confusing.
  • Information is craved by technical buyers.

John Kasper Bobsled has experience over more than ten years in c-level negotiating, medical sales, budgets, local community leader, coaching and motivational speaking.

Working with the sales force, a sales manager will often find it hard to experience numerous requests for discounting, forecast sales and get frustrated with low conversion ratios. It takes a unique system that is designed to overcome these specific challenges, when faced with these challenges. To quickly uncover the requirements, a system is designed to sort the suspects from the prospects, identify the key decision makers and as the primary motivating factor, allow the sales professionals not to have to depend on discounting. In the healthcare industry, although many systems might provide these solutions, only few have them implemented successfully. Many people believe that their system will definitely work for the healthcare industry, but in reality they find out that it has never been tried before with healthcare and the claim ‘to work with healthcare sales’ is more like a hope ‘to work with healthcare sales’.

John Kasper Bobsled has the overall responsibility for providing support in solution sales for multiple services and products revenue generating activities pursuit team coordination, providing expert deal crafting, business solution formation, leading or facilitating contract negotiation and pursuit management.

Looking to implement such a system in healthcare, sales forces only look out for those sales systems that have a proven track record. They make it sure that this system eliminate those that would just result in unpaid consulting and includes methods to better qualify medical prospects. They are able to do this, and hence allows sales teams shorten the overall sales cycle and also to be referred directly to the decision makers.

For a medical sales team, it can take some effort and time to identifying the right sales system. Thorough analysis and patience is required to find a good fit, but the results at the end pays great dividends. There is no reason that a well-equipped sales force cannot be on the receiving end of it, as there is plenty of spending occurring in healthcare.