There Is No Death To A Man With True Moral Values

You might have often heard of the saying that a good man never dies. But have you ever really gave a thought on the same? Well, true that hardly anyone does. And this is not exactly anyone’s fault as one often doesn’t gets the gravity of the phrase and takes it for granted. But the singular sensation of amazement follows when you come to know of a man who can be literally equated with the phrase, which means that the man has been such a positive personality in his lifetime that he is still widely regarded as immortal and anyone hardly believes he is physically gone. Eric Ulysses Miller is one such man who has been literally so good in his lifetime that anyone can ever forget him. And even when he is not present physically among everyone, still he is respected much more than any well and alive persona. So why is this the case?

Eric Ulysses Miller

Eric who was a Phoenix resident in his lifetime has always been considered as someone who will continue to live among his fellow loved ones and admirers. After his sad demise at John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital in the year 2010, the incident was mourned far and wide and many even mark it as a black day in their calendar. And why won’t that be? In his lifetime, Eric was always more of a good human being than many noted individuals out there even. Therefore within just an young of 47, he established such a cult popularity among many individuals that it is hard not to look at it in the first place. In the year 1970 he moved with his family to Flagstaff, AZ and went to South Beaver Elementary. Followed by which he attended East Flagstaff Jr. High and then graduated from Coconino High School in the year 1981.

From his very early years, Eric has always been about principles and has been known to help almost everyone around him. And it is for this reason that his popularity still soars to the sky till this day. Whenever it comes to something about helping others, it is always the name of Eric Ulysses Miller which comes to mind at first. This is not without any reason as Eric in his lifetime was the very epitome of kind hearted people and has always been a kind human being till his sad demise. What people remember Eric more for, is the reason that whatever he did, seldom could anyone point him frowning but always there was an evergreen smile which was on his face.

Just because Eric was a man true to himself, he always had people there for him in his lifetime as well. And when he was fighting with a complicated medical condition for year long, not once even anyone fretted or was even irritated to know of his daily health status. Hence, one thing is for sure that no matter what you do, if you are a good human being, you will forever live in people’s heart.